Interpretation Consultant/Exhibition Designer


​Summary (provided by consultant)

Name:  Dr Caroline Evans

Address:  10 Lansdowne Crescent, West Hobart TAS 7000

Phone:  6234 8459


​Dr Caroline Evans is a fully qualified and accredited historian able to carry out the historical sections of conservation plans and heritage assessments. She can also write historical interpretations, commissioned histories and conduct oral history interviews.

Operates: State wide

Name:  Ms Julia Clark

Address:  12 Rupara Avenue, West Hobart TAS 7000

Phone:  6231 2358

Mobile: 0419 412 246


​Julia Clark has worked in museums and on heritage sites for almost 30 years. An archaeologist by training, she has extensive experience in interpretation planning and delivery, management and assessment of moveable heritage and in historical research. She also has a high level of skills in guide training and assessment, tour development and delivery. She is also a skilled writer and editor.

Operates: North, East

Name:  Dr Kathryn Evans

Address:  9 Utiekah Drive, Taroona TAS 7053

Phone:  6227 8527


​Dr Kathryn Evans has over 20 years experience in historical research and writing. She has worked on a wide variety of projects for Federal, State and local governments, including site histories for conservation management plans and heritage assessments, thematic histories, publications, interpretation plans and interpretive brochures and signs.

Operates: State wide

​Name: Mr Kieran Davis, Digital Heritage Australia

Address: 2/93 Donald Street, Brunswick VIC 3056

Mobile: 0406 344 173



​Using immersive technologies, Digital Heritage Australia offer a variety of digital products for cultural institutions and heritage organisations. Our products include video production, web development, app development, VR, AR and museum installations.

Operates: State wide

Name:  Mr Peter Lovell, Lovell Chen - Architects and Heritage Consultants

Address:  Level 5, 176 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne VIC 3002

Phone:  (03) 9667 0800



​Lovell Chen is a specialist practice of over 30 years standing undertaking work across Australia for government and private clients. Heritage advisory services include specialist input into environmental assessments, municipal heritage studies, conservation management plans, advice on adaptation and development projects of any scale, and management of heritage approvals.

Operates: State wide

Name:  Miss Julieanne Richards

Address:  10 Weetman Street, Legana TAS 7277

Mobile:  0407 055 111


​Julieanne Richards BA, Dip Ed, Grad Cert Museum Studies is an experienced oral historian. Her oral history clients have included the Parliamentary Library, QVMAG, the Customs Service and private commissions. She also has historical research and writing skills, experience planning and delivering interpretations and extensive working knowledge of collection management.

Operates: State wide

Name:  Ms Michele Summerton, Historica

Address:  57 Mooltan Street, Travancore VIC 2032

Phone:  (03) 9376 7496

Mobile: 0437 670 023

Fax: (03) 9376 7496


​Historica is a heritage consultancy specialising in: Assessing the significance of places, objects, collections and intangible heritage; assessing cross-cultural and shared histories; Identifying themes; developing historical frameworks and writing thematic history; developing text for historical displays; interpreting historic places and objects; curating historical exhibitions; managing collections; preparing conservation management plans; providing advocacy on historic significance.

Operates: State wide

Name:  Mr Vincent Clark, Dr Vincent Clark and Associates

Address: PO Box 266, Coburg VIC 3058

Phone:  (03) 9386 4770

Mobile: 0418 348 521

Fax: (03) 9386 4220



​Dr Vincent Clark & Associates Pty Ltd has been established in Victoria since 1995. We have extensive experience, both within Australia and overseas in site identification, recording, assessment, interpretation, excavation and artefact management, site history and land use history. We undertake cultural heritage management of both Aboriginal and historical cultural heritage for both small and large scale projects and for a range of clients, including state and local government, corporations and individuals.

Operates: State wide

Name: Jennifer Porter, Alliance Archaeology Pty Ltd

Address: 2/71 Airlie Road, Montmorency  VIC  3094

Mobile: 0425 323 965



Alliance Archaeology brings the expertise of a diverse group of professionals to your heritage project. They comprise highly experienced staff with an average of 15 years experience in heritage and offer a wide range of services including archaeological excavation, GIS mapping, artefact management, site interpretation, faunal analysis and historical research. Team members are experienced in undertaking large and small projects from start to finish in consultation and co-operation with all relevant stakeholder.

Operates: State wide

Name: Mr Jerry de Gryse, Inspiring Place Pty Ltd

Address: 208 Collins Street, Hobart TAS 7000

Phone: 6231 1818

Mobile: 0407 311 812

Fax: 6231 1819



​Inspiring Place has worked at some of Tasmania's most important cultural heritage sites. Our interests include cultural landscapes, heritage landscape management and maintenance, new construction in heritage areas, social values and visual values assessment. Our specialist skills in these areas are frequently called on to be integrated with the work of others to address broader questions of heritage management, environmental impact assessments and/or development of heritage sites.

Operates: State wide

​Name: Mr Jack Birrell

Address: 108A Tamar Street, Launceston TAS 7250

Phone: 6333 7600

Mobile: 0417 013 458

Fax: 6334 1888


​Birrelli Architects are recipients of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects - Heritage Award, and the Launceston City Council - Heritage Award. We provide sensitive and appropriate conservation + adaptive solutions  tailored for individual client's and their unique buildings and heritage places.

Operates: North

​Name: Ms  Anne  McConnell

Address: GPO Box 234, Hobart  TAS  7001

Phone: (03) 6239 1494

Mobile: 0405 746 543


​Anne McConnell has over 25 years experience in archaeology and cultural heritage management in Australia and Tasmania, working in both the private and public sector.  Her expertise is wide ranging and includes the following areas - environmental impact assessment; archaeological sensitivity assessment & zoning; excavation*; heritage place assessment; thematic and regional heritage assessment; conservation management planning; provision of strategic and policy advice; heritage management systems development; community consultation; education and training; interpretation; w specialist cultural heritage editing, conference organising.  Specialist areas include – rural and remote area heritage, industrial heritage, World Heritage and geological archaeology/geoarchaeology. Anne is a long-term member of Australia ICOMOS. (*Note: large scale historical excavations and materials analysis are not undertaken.)

Operates: State wide

Name: Mr Tim Williams, Red Arrow

Address: 4 Letitia Street, North Hobart TAS 7000

Phone: 6231 0052

Mobile: 0409 875 421

Fax: 6231 0189


​Red Arrow project manager, design and construct interpretative displays and signage.

Operates: State wide

​​Name: Ms Fiona Brine, Brine Communication Design

Address: 428 Cygnet Coast Road, Petcheys Bay TAS 7109

Phone: 6295 0777

Mobile: 0419 531 741

Fax: 6295 0777

​Brine Communication Design has extensive experience in best practice interpretation planning, design, production and evaluation (ANZECC). We create national award-winning exhibitions and displays, including research, branding, design, artwork, manufacture and installation. Our work is theme-driven and is designed to connect with and motivate visitors while considering staff, site and project budget needs. We operated und the AGDA Code of Ethics. We have special skills in the development of atmospheric aural installations to communicate heritage. We also manufacture purpose-designed automatic audio players. These motion-sensing digital audio players are relatively low cost, industrial-quality, long-lived and are ideal for harsh exteriors or interiors or remote sites. We also supply solar power packages and optional directional speakers for confining audio to specific interior areas.

Operates: South

Name: Ms Dorothy Evans

Address: 120 Main Street, Kempton TAS 7030

Phone: 6259 1272

Mobile: 0428 360 790


​Dorothy Evans has many years experience in producing interpretive displays, large and small, as well as interpretive panels and literature. She has worked in both natural and cultural fields and particularly enjoys producing interactive displays.

Name: Mr Peter Tonkin, 3D Projects

Address: PO Box 241, Newtown NSW 2042

Phone: (02) 9968 2289

Mobile: 0417 493 303

Fax: (02) 9969 7964



​3-D Projects is a multi0disciplinary practice specialising i the conceptual development and design of exhibitions, museums and public spaces, and the interpretation of historic sites, buildings and cultural landscapes. our fusion of curatorial and heritage expertise, together with architectural and project management capability, ensures innovative, relevant and sophisticated responses to disparate design and interpretation projects within the cultural sector. Established in 1996, 3-D Projects has developed a strong reputation for producing unique and imaginative interpretive schemes and built works across Australia that capture and reflect the distinctiveness of history and place.

Operates: State wide

​Name: Mr Gary Vines, Biosis Research Pty Ltd

Address: PO Box 489, Port Melbourne VIC 3207

Phone: (03) 9646 9499

Mobile: 0409 012 106

Fax: (03) 9646 9242



​Biosis Research Pty Ltd is one of Australia's leading consulting firms in natural and cultural heritage management. Biosis provides consulting services specialising in Aboriginal, historic and industrial archaeology, historic place survey and evaluation, and conservation management. Staff have expertise in site survey, recording and excavation, heritage impact assessments and conservation management plans, Aboriginal community consultation and heritage hearings. Biosis also has expertise in flora and fauna assessments, natural systems management, and digital mapping.

Operates: State wide

Name: Mr  David  Rhodes, Heritage Insight Pty Ltd

Address: PO Box 4168, East Richmond  VIC  3121

Phone: (03) 9429 4930

Mobile: 0417 366 972

Fax: (03) 9429 4915


​Heritage Insight Pty Ltd are an archaeological consulting firm based in Melbourne, Victoria. Staff from our office have previously conducted archaeological assessments in Tasmania. Experienced in the conduct of all aspects of archaeological assessments for heritage sites and the preparation of multi-disciplinary management and conservation and interpretation plans for heritage sites. (Referees available on request.)

Operates: State wide

Name: Dr  Louise  Stedinger, Stedinger Associates

Address: PO Box 1206, Camden  NSW  2570

Phone: (02) 4657 2480

Mobile: 0408 649 484

Fax: (02) 4657 2480



​Stedinger Associates Pty Ltd are consultants specialising in historical, industrial and Aboriginal heritage.  We offer experienced approaches for conservation management and interpretation, significance and impact assessments, register reviews, cemetery studies and archaeological assessment, monitoring and excavation throughout Tasmania.  In particular, Dr Steding (Director) completed her PhD on early prisons and has worked on many convict and early settlement sites throughout Australia.  Mr Steding (Manager) has worked for over 25 years in restoration both in Australia and overseas.

Operates: State wide

Name: Ms  Tina King, Urbis Pty Ltd

Address: Level 7, 123 Albert Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

Phone: (07) 3007 3849



​Urbis is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm offering a unique range of skills, expertise and knowledge in heritage services, planning, design, property, social planning, consultation, economics and research. With a team of over 12 dedicated heritage professionals nationwide, Urbis has a long and successful record of high quality work on heritage projects across Australia. We have extensive heritage capabilities and skills able to be applied to any heritage-related project.

Operates: State wide

Name: Mr Jim Gard'ner, GJM Heritage

Address: Level 3, 124 Exhibition Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Mobile: 0408 321 023



GHM Heritage are highly experienced historic heritage professionals based in Melbourne who bring together skills in architecture, urban planning, planning law and history. Together we have spent more than 50 years working in heritage across the fields of research, policy, planning, development and advocacy. We have a comprehensive understanding of local, State and Commonwealth heritage listing, grants and statutory approvals processes throughout Australasia, and a proven capacity to deliver high quality results for our clients.

Operates: State wide

Name: Mr David Wixted, Heritage ALLIANCE

Address: 41 Cobden Street, North Melbourne VIC 3051

Phone: (03) 9328 5133

Mobile: 0437 619 922

Fax: (03) 9328 5144


​Heritage Alliance provides heritage advice across a range of heritage issues: Heritage Surveys for local and state governments including thematic surveys such as Historic Electric Signage (City of Yarra), Defence Sites in the City of Maribyrnong, Survey of 20th Century heritage in the City of Bayside, City of Moonee Valley Heritage (Gap) Study, KODAK Aust P/L site heritage analysis for City of Moreland. Heritage Conservation Plans for private organisations, institutions and Government such as Bendigo, White Hills and Boroondara Cemeteries, St Marys Star of the Sea Catholic Church, St Andrews Presbyterian Church, Kyneton Mechanics Institute, Kyneton Zetland Masonic Lodge. Heritage Recording for private organisations, institutions and Government including large scale factories, road bridges, piers and institutional sites containing a large number of buildings. Interpretation works completed for road bridges, building and other sites the largest being in conjunction with Historica at Casselden Place, Melbourne. Conservation Works and Works Plans for a multiple number of works sites including Kensington Town Hall and Chewton Town Hall.

Operates: State wide

NOTE: This Directory is a guide only. It does not endorse products or services supplied by individuals or companies listed in it. A user of this information should make their own assessment of the ability of an individual or company to carry out work in a competent, punctual and professional manner. We recommend that you: inspect examples of the consultant’s works before commissioning their services; check their professional qualifications, memberships and accreditation; ask to see a summary of skills, relevant experience and examples of previous works, and references from previous clients; and only appoint the consultant when you are satisfied of their suitability to supply the services you want.

DISCLAIMER: Any representation, statement, opinion or advice expressed or implied in this Directory is made: in good faith; on the basis that neither the Tasmanian Heritage Council, nor the State of Tasmania, nor any servant or agent of either of them accepts responsibility for any injury, loss or damage to any person or property caused by, or attributable to, an act or omission (negligent or otherwise) of the Council or the Crown or a servant or agent of either of them.

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