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​Summary (provided by consultant)

Name: Mr Peter Tonkin, 3D Projects

Address: PO Box 241, Newtown NSW 2042

Phone: (02) 9968 2289

Mobile: 0417 493 303

Fax: (02) 9969 7964

Email: peter@3dprojects.com.au

Web: www.3dprojects.com.au

​3-D Projects is a multi-disciplinary practice specialising in the conceptual development and design of exhibtions, museums and public spaces, and the interpretation of historic sites, buildings and cultural landscapes. Our fusion of curatorial and heritage expertise, together with architectural and project management capability, ensures innovative, relevant and sophisticated responses to disparate design and interpretation projects within the cultural sector. Established in 1996, 3-D Projects has developed a strong reputation for producing unique and imaginative interpretivge schemes and built works across Australia that capture and reflect the distinctiveness of history and place.

Operates: State wide

Name: Ms Jennie Chapman

Address: 733 Cressy Road, Longford TAS 7301

Mobile: 0419 584 667

Email: blenheimfarm@ozemail.com.au


​Jennie Chapman has 15 years experience in marketing, working directly with cultural heritage, arts and garden/landscape sectors. This work has involved product development, marketing and event creation, and management as a way to raise awareness in the community.

Operates: North, North-west, East

Name: Ms Julia Clark

Address: 69 Little's Road, Premaydena TAS 7185

Phone: 6251 2334

Mobile: 040419 412 246

Email: julia.clark@bigpond.com

​Julia Clark has worked in museums and on heritage sites for almost 30 years. An archaeologist by training, she has extensive experience in interpretation planning and delivery, management and assessment of moveable heritage and in historical research. She also has a high level of skills in guide training and assessment, tour development and delivery. She is also a skilled writer and editor.

Operates: East, South

Name: Ms Christine Johnston, Context Pty Ltd

Address: 22 Merri Street, Brunswick VIC 3056

Phone: (03) 9380 6933

Fax: (03) 9380 4066

Email: context@context-pl.com.au

Web:  www.context-pl.com.au

​Context specialises in strategic planning for heritage, the community and the environment. Context's expertise includes heritage management plans; strategic directions; heritage studies and advice; policies and planning schemes; interpretation; social significance; heritage tourism; training; Indigenous heritge; environmental policy and community engagement. Our multidisciplinary team works with government and private clients across Australia.

Operates: State wide


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