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​Name: Mr Robert Child, Johnstone McGee & Gandy Pty Ltd

Address: 117 Harrington Street, Hobart TAS 7000

Phone: 6231 2555

Mobile: 0438 294 241

Fax: 6231 1535



​Johnstone McGee & Gandy(JMG Engineers and Planners)  have teamed up with Peter Spratt to provide heritage expertise within a multidisciplinary Engineering, Planning and Environmental Management Consulting Company. JMG has collaborated with Peter Spratt for over 5 years as a heritage expert and mentor on numerous churches, buildings and walls state wide passing on his years of experience and knowledge in timber, stone masonry and heritage structures. JMG provide design services to a range of clients in all market sectors.

Operates: State wide

Name: David Lenel, Pitt & Sherry

Address: PO Box 94, Hobart TAS 7001

Phone: 6223 1800

Mobile: 0419 249 748



Updated:  July 2019


Operates: State wide

​Name: Alice Johnson, GHD Pty Ltd

Address: GPO Box 667, Hobart TAS 7001

Phone: 6210 0600

Updated: July 2019 

​GHD is a professional service company, with a presence in Tasmania since 1937. Our heritage team is comprised of people with demonstrated experience in the management of integrated heritage projects. Our heritage services include historical research, heritage surveys and assessment, conservation management, consultation and social values assessment, town planning and architecture. Our services, include surveys and assessment, management planning, general and thematic histories, social values assessment and the management of integrated heritage projects. GHD'S heritage services are supported by a wide range of disciplines. As a result we are able to provide complementary services to your project, in a range of fields including professional town planners, architects, urban designers, engineers and environmental scientists.

Operates: State wide

Name: Mr Richard Lawrence, Gandy and Roberts Pty Ltd

Address: 159 Davey Street, Hobart TAS 7000

Phone: 6223 8877

Fax: 6223 8877



Updated:  July 2019

​Gandy and Roberts Pty Ltd are specialist structural engineers. Our focus is the building industry and we have a substantial portfolio of projects involving modifications, additions and/or repairs to existing heritage structures.

Operates: North, East, South


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