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​Summary (provided by consultant)

​Name: Ms Susan Small, Susan Small Landscape Architects

Address: 25/33 Salamanca Place, Hobart TAS 7004

Phone: 62244889

Mobile: 0400 676 907

Fax: 6224 4889


​Sue Small operates a Landscape Architecture practice from Hobart where she enjoys working within the historic layers that comprise Hobart's character. The practice places a high priority on maintaining an area's environmental and heritage values; an understanding of the practical requirements of users of an area; while attempting to enrich their experience through sensitive, functional and creative planning and design. Sue has had extensive experience in a wide range of heritage sites - undertaking landscape assessments, providing management recommendations and design solutions. She is also an active member of the Australian Garden History Society.

Operates: State wide

​Name: Mr John Wright

Address: 5 Francis Street, Battery Point TAS 7004

Phone: 6224 7271


​I am a consultant architect and landscape architect with experience in both building and nature conservation, including conservation status reports for historic buildings in Tasmania and landscape strategies for Indigenous landscapes.

Operates: State wide

Name: Mr Jerry de Gryse, Inspiring Place Pty Ltd

Address: 208 Collins Street, Hobart TAS 7000

Phone: 6231 1818

Mobile: 0407 311 812

Fax: 6231 1819



​Inspiring Place has worked at some of Tasmania's most important cultural heritage sites. Our interests include cultural landscapes, heritage landscape management and maintenance, new construction in heritage areas, social values and visual values assessment. Our specialist skills in these areas are frequently called on to be integrated with the work of others to address broader questions of heritage management, environmental impact assessments and/or development of heritage sites.

Operates: State wide

Name: Ms Leslie Gulson, Ferndene Studio

Address: PO Box 156, South Hobart TAS 7004

Phone: 6239 1302

Mobile: 0408 391 302

Ferndene Studio is a landscape architecture and landscape planning practice with over 20 years experience in heritage assessments of regional landscapes, classes of landscapes, civic areas, gardens, conservation plans and documentation of works. Our work is informed and practical, respecting the intrinsic change within landscape form. We are familiar with Tasmanian requirements for heritage permits and the Tasmanian planning system.

Operates: State wide


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