Heritage Places Renewal Loan Scheme

Heritage Places Renewal Loan Scheme

The Heritage Places Renewal Loan Scheme is now incorporated in the Business Growth Loans Scheme.

The owners of a business premises permanently entered on the Tasmanian Heritage Register now have a new way to secure the funding they need to help them establish a new business undertaking or refresh an existing business.

This concessional (low interest) loans scheme is designed to assist local businesses, including heritage property owners develop, refurbish and adapt their business, while facilitating job creation and business growth. The scheme has been established to assist businesses and eligible organisations, including those working in the heritage sector recover, adapt and grow.

Loans of between $20,000 and $3 million are available, with security generally only required for loans in excess of $100,000. This loans scheme was launched on 14 September 2020 and will be available for 12 months or until the funds run out. It incorporates the former Heritage Places Renewal, Tourism Refurbishment and the Regional Tourism Attraction Loan Schemes.

Interested heritage property owners are encouraged to consult the scheme’s Guidelines, available at www.business.tas.gov.au to confirm their eligibility and discuss their plans for works on any places entered in the Heritage Register with a heritage advisor at Heritage Tasmania by contacting them on 1300 850 332 or emailing enquiries@heritage.tas.gov.au 

As part of the Tasmanian Government's commitment to preserving and revitalising our local heritage and history, the Heritage Places Renewal Loan Scheme will provide for up to $10 million to be made available for low interest loans, over an initial two year period, for owners of Tasmanian Heritage listed properties.

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