Getting Approval

​​If you want to do works to a place entered on the Heritage Register you will need the ​approval of the Heritage Council. This may take the form of a certificate of exemption or a permit.

Certificate of exemption

There is a range of works that do not impact on a place’s heritage values,  such as removing non-significant fabric and painting. For these types of works, the Heritage Council can issue a certificate of exemption. For a list of the types of works that might be exempt, read the Works Guidelines and then call one of Heritage Tasmania's heritage advisors.

  Works Guidelines Nov2015   (2Mb)

To apply for a certificate of exemption fill out either the form below. Please note that this is an Adobe Form. Save the form on your computer, and then open it directly in Acrobat Reader. You can type directly into the blue shaded fields. Save for form and email to].

  Certificate of Exemption Application   (72Kb)

Alternatively, you may fill out the Word version of the form:

  Application for Certificate of Exemption   (124Kb)

NOTE: Even if the Heritage Council issues you with a certificate of exemption you may still need to lodge a development application with your local council to comply with your local planning scheme. Contact your local council for further information.



If you do not have a certificate of exemption, you will need to lodge a development application with your local council. Your local council will forward your application to the Heritage Council to assess any impacts the works may have on the historic heritage values of the place. The process for seeking approval is outlined in a flowchart in the following document:

  The Process for Seeking Works Approval   (158Kb)

We encourage you to call one of Heritage Tasmania's heritage advisors on 1300 850 332 to talk through your proposal before you lodge a development application. The advice is free and may save you time and money. For more information on managing works to places on the Heritage Register before you lodge a development application read the Works Guidelines.

  Works Guidelines Nov2015   (2Mb) 

What to lodge with your application

Having all the required information at the time of lodging your application will reduce the potential for delays in assessing your application. If insufficient detail is provided, additional information will be requested and the "clock" for assessing your application will be "stopped" until this information is received.

Information which may be required by the Heritage Council includes:

For extensions, alterations, additions and other structural changes, include drawings and/or plans which show the existing condition of the place against plans detailing the proposed works. Any plans submitted should clearly show existing external and interior features such as fireplaces, panelling, staircases, and decorative features, as relevant. If a conservation management plan exists for the place, include a copy of that plan.

For major developments, a conservation management plan or heritage impact statement may be required. More information is available here.

If proposing works that impact on the heritage value of a place, you must demonstrate that you have considered other options and why those options are not possible.

If archaeological values exist and the development involves ground disturbance, a Statement of Archaeological Potential and Archaeological Method Statement may be required.

For landscape works, include an arboriculturalist report where the full or partial removal of trees, hedgerows or other historic plantings are proposed and a plan detailing the location and species of planting, including replacement planting, and the type of ground surface treatment.

For subdivisions, include a site plan showing existing lot arrangements and a subdivision plan showing existing heritage buildings and the boundary of the heritage registration.

If proposing to alter the existing condition of the place, such as repainting or replastering, include notes on the existing material finishes and full details of the materials and finishes being proposed.

Lettes Bay shack (entry #7793)​


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