Lead and Engage

​​​​​​Leading and engaging with key stakeholders to shape positive outcomes is a key goal of the Heritage Council's Strategic Plan.

On a day-to-day basis, the Heritage Council and Heritage Tasmania works closely with local planners and architects to generate positive outcomes that activate the sustainable use and development of Tasmania's historic heritage assets.

The Heritage Council is proud to continue its presence at the annual Local Government Association of Tasmania Annual Conference. This provides an opportunity to discuss ideas and answer queries from our local government counterparts around celebrating and protecting local historic heritage.

We are also proud sponsors of the Tasmanian Chapter of the Australian Institute​ of Architect's Heritage Award. This sponsorship is given in appreciation of the work of  Tasmania's architects to conserve, revive and adapt​ historic heritage places across the state. It is also a celebration of today's architecture that may become tomorrow's heritage listed places.​



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