Statement of Expectation and Statement of Intent

​​​​The Historic Cultural Heritage Act 1995 (the Act)​​ requires the Minister for Heritage to issue the Tasmanian Heritage Council with triennial Statements of Expectation, and the Heritage Council is to discharge its responsibilities consistently with those statements.

In response, the Heritage Council is required to provide the Minister with a Statement of Intent that indicates how the Heritage Council proposes to realise the ministerial aims set out in each Statement of Expectation.

​The Minister for Heritage provided the inaugural Statement of Expectation to the Chairperson of the Heritage Council in January 2021, in accordance with section 10A of the Act.

The Heritage Council, in turn, provided its inaugural Statement of Intent to the Minister for Heritage as required by section 10B of the Act.


THC Statement of Expectation 2021 - 2024

THC Statement of Intent 2021 - 2024