Notice of Permanent Entry of a Place or Places on the Tasmanian Heritage Register

​​In accordance with section 21(1)(a) and section 26 (b) of the Historic Cultural Heritage Act 1995​, the Tasmanian Heritage Council gives notice that it has entered the places* listed below in the Tasmanian Heritage Register on a permanent basis:


THR 12048, The Adamsfield Track, Florentine Road, Southwest Tasmania (updating the information held for entry THR 10521)

 Permanent Entry THR12048 (PDF 12Mb)

THR 12071, Oak Lodge, 18 Bridge Street, Richmond 
(updating the information held for entry THR 1079)

 Permanent Entry THR12071 (PDF 3Mb)

THR 12088, Newnham Hall, Riverside Cottage and Grounds, 100 Newnham Drive, Newnham
(updating the information held for entries, THR 4475 and THR 4476)

 Permanent Entry THR12088 (PDF 6Mb)

THR 5684, Tamar (Cormiston) Battery, Brownfield Lane, Riverside

 Permanent Entry THR5684 (PDF 2Mb)

Any person who lodged an objection or submission, may appeal to the Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal against a decision of the Heritage Council under section 27 of the Act. An appeal must be made in writing and lodged with the Appeal Tribunal (GPO Box 2036 Hobart 7001) within 30 days after this notice.

Ms Brett Torossi

Tasmanian Heritage Council
6 March 2024​

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