Movement at Launceston Gasworks

The Tasmanian Heritage Council and the proponent of a proposed carpark at the Launceston Gas Works site have reached agreement on changes to the proposal that it expects will enable this development to proceed.

‘The Heritage Council is appreciative of the changes proposed to be made to the carpark proposal, and thanks the developer, their architects and the City of Launceston for working constructively with the Heritage Council to find a positive alternative solution that reduces the adverse impact on the site’s heritage values', said Ms Brett Torossi, Chair of the Tasmanian Heritage Council.

‘The revised proposal includes a reduction in the size of the structure, increasing the setback of the carpark to the adjacent heritage buildings. The architects and developer have also responded to a request to alter the external treatment of the carpark that better fits the historical industrial context of the site.'

The Launceston City Council is expected to consider the revised proposal on Thursday, 19 March 2020. This will enable a final decision to be made on the proposed changes by the Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal (RMPAT).

If approved, the car park will be part of an exciting new chapter for the Launceston Gasworks site following the recent approval by the Heritage Council and City of Launceston to adapt the gasometer frame into an art gallery.

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