Media Release - Hobart Railway Good Shed Permanent Listing on the Tasmanian Heritage Register



Hobart Railway Goods Shed
Permanent Listing on Tasmanian Heritage Register
17 April 2024
The Tasmanian Heritage Council (THC) today determined the permanent listing of the Hobart Railway Goods Shed, under the Historic Cultural Heritage Act 1995 (Act), to the Tasmanian Heritage Register (THR).

THC Chair, Brett Torossi, said following provisional listing in December 2023, a statutory period of public consultation was undertaken. 

“The THC carefully considered the public and landowner representations, and its view is the Hobart Railway Goods Shed has state level historic cultural heritage significance. 

Ms Torossi said the THC was satisfied the Goods Shed met the requirements for permanent entry under section 16 (2) of the Act. 

“The THC agreed that the Goods Shed satisfied two criteria - that it is important to the course or pattern of Tasmania’s history and possesses uncommon or rare aspects of Tasmania’s history, in particular, rail history. 

Ms Torossi said the Hobart Railway Goods Shed is a notable example of the development of rail transport in Tasmania from World War 1 onwards. 

“It was integral to the development of Sullivans Cove and Hobart as a centre for trade, including the international export of agriculture.  

“The Goods Shed is rare in a Tasmanian context because it illustrates a historical function which while no longer practised still remains an important reminder of the broader changes in the state’s freight transport – particularly the transition of land transport from railways to road-based and the increased dominance of freight shipping.  

Ms Torossi said the Goods Shed provided insight into how rail authorities at different times used the site and its infrastructure to meet demand. 

“As Tasmanian exports expanded and contracted, so did the railyards site as well as the utilisation of buildings on the site.  
Ms Torossi said the size and form of the Goods Shed was part of its significance.
“Within its class of place, it is an unusually extensive building – 115 metres in length, with substantial timber wall, floor and roof components and many historically significant railway features. 

Ms Torossi said it was important to remember that the heritage values of the Goods Shed have already been protected under the Sullivans Cove Planning Scheme 1997.  

“This has meant the Goods Shed has been under the protection of the Hobart City Council’s local planning scheme for many years. 

Ms Torossi said officers from Heritage Tasmania would continue to work with Macquarie Point stakeholders as rehabilitation of the site progressed. 

“Any future change to the Goods Shed, including relocation within the property, would need to be consistent with the Heritage Council’s works guidelines.”

As prescribed by the Historic Cultural Heritage Act 1995, the Minister for Heritage is not involved in the prioritisation or assessment process of listings to the THR.
Under the Historic Cultural Heritage Act 1995, heritage protection clauses in the Act were invoked as soon as provisional listing was approved by the THC. 

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