Heritage Council's Decision - Crowther Statue

On the 16 August 2023, the Tasmanian Heritage Council met to consider the application for discretionary permit received from the City of Hobart with respect to the removal of the Crowther​ Statue from Franklin Square in Hobart.

Here is a link to their media release, following the decision:

 THC media release - Crowther statue decision - 16 Aug 2023 (PDF 133Kb)

​Further information:

The decision was made by the Tasmanian Heritage Council, not Heritage Tasmania.

While the Heritage Council have given consent for a permit  to be issued to remove the statue​, the matter is subject to further consideration by the City of Hobart council. City of Hobart council has been advised of the Heritage Council’s decision and can now incorporate the decision and associated conditions into its own development application permit.

Following the issue of a Development Application permit, the usual local government development application appeal process can follow, if required.

Further inquiries about the development application and planning process should be directed to the City of Hobart customer service centre, phone 6238 2711.
Further information about what the Heritage Council takes into consideration when making its decision is available in the Tasmanian Heritage Council’s Works Guidelines and Practice Notes, which can be found on our Publications page.

Factual reports commissioned by the Tasmanian Heritage Council:

As part of its preparation for consideration of the application for discretionary permit, the Tasmanian Heritage Council commissioned the following factual reports:

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