Cornelian Bay Boatsheds Entry Updated


A provisional replacement entry for the Cornelian Bay Boatsheds in the Tasmania Heritage Register replaces and substantially updates the original 1998 entries, recognising their importance as an iconic heritage place.

The Cornelian Bay Boatsheds are a unique feature located on the western bank of the River Derwent in New Town, built on Crown Land and leased by private owners. The boatsheds have been recognised by the Heritage Council as being of historic heritage significance to the whole of Tasmania. They have been entered in the Register as individual entries since 1998, but these individual entries did not reflect the values of the group.

'Until recently, the 33 boatsheds at Cornelian Bay were individually entered on the Heritage Register. The Heritage Council was conscious that these entries did not sufficiently recognise the significance of the boatsheds as a group. Re-assessing these entries highlighted that while each boatshed is important, they have greater heritage significance as a collection of related places and that is what we have decided to enter in the Heritage Register', said Ms Brett Torossi, Chair of the Heritage Council.

Most of the boatsheds at Cornelian Bay were originally built in the early decades of the 20th century, with about 30 in place by the late 1920s. There are now 33 boatsheds in this distinctive and rare group of structures, which also includes the remnants of a slipway that was associated with the former Cornelian Bay Aquatic Club baths and jetty, which were destroyed by a fire in 2009.


Simple and utilitarian in their original form, the boatsheds have been altered and added to over many decades. The resulting variety and idiosyncrasies reflect the years of individual custody of each shed. Their present-day range of detail and colour is a reminder of this place's historical links to water-based recreation and leisure activities in an island state which continue to play an important role in the cultural life and sense of identity of many Tasmanians.

The assessment process commenced in 2018 and the Heritage Council consulted with each of the boatshed owners about the proposed replacement entry. The provisional entry is now subject to a 60-day public consultation process, which gives all interested members of the public the opportunity to review and provide their feedback on the new entry. The Heritage Council will then consider any feedback it receives before permanently entering the place in the Heritage Register. As part of this work a new more comprehensive entry and a map outlining the boundaries of the new entry have been prepared. Corresponding site-specific development guidelines used to guide works on the boatsheds are also being updated.

  Cornelian Bay Boatsheds and Slipway   (1Mb)

The addition, review and replacement of entries in the Heritage Register reflects the ongoing work of the Heritage Council to ensure the Register maintains its currency and relevance. The information in this new entry will also help inform the future development of the boatsheds and ensures that their historic heritage values are recognised and protected now and in the future.

'I encourage anyone with an interest in the Cornelian Bay Boatsheds to review the new provisional replacement entry on our website and provide us with their feedback.'


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