Conserving the Monuments of St Davids Park


The City of Hobart is seeking advice on how best to conserve the monuments in St David’s Park, particularly those that are set into the memorial wall.

Austral Tasmania in conjunction with Purcell and International Conservation Services have been engaged by the City of Hobart to prepare a Conservation Management Plan (CMP) for the headstones and monuments in St David’s Park. To assist in the preparation of the CMP, consultation was undertaken with about 40 representatives of a wide range of stakeholders such as historical societies, descendant groups and conservation practitioners.

St David’s Park was originally Hobart’s first cemetery. At least 900 people were buried in St David’s Cemetery before the cemetery was closed in 1872. Some burials were relocated to the Cornelian Bay Cemetery and other headstones were moved from their original location. In 1926 the Cemetery land was laid out as a park. Some of the surviving headstones were later (c.1980) set into a wall where they remain displayed today.  Other monuments are located in the northeast corner of the park.

The workshop provided an opportunity for participants to contribute to a better understanding of the values of the monuments both individually and as a whole including the monuments as part of the memorial wall. Additionally, the significance of  St David’s  Park as a burial place, a public park and a cultural landscape within Sullivans Cove was also considered. The consultants presented some of the challenges faced in conserving the monuments and sought input on some of the options being considered for making decisions on the future of the monuments. 

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