Conserving an East Coast Icon

All photos by Jeremy Jamson

Many travellers along the Great Eastern Drive, have witnessed the reconstruction of a much loved and photographed boatshed just South of Swansea. Dating back to the mid-1800s this rustic historic feature stood as testament to the days when transport to this beautiful rural setting was by sea.


Sitting on a low exposed headland, above Kelvedon Beach, a heavy wind whipped up under the structure causing the roof of this iconic feature to collapse on the boatshed. After becoming aware of its perilous state, a grant of $25 000 was made available by the then Minister for Heritage to help the owner to stabilise and rebuild the structure. The necessary repairs and conservation works have now been completed. The roofline has been reinstated; bush pole structure repaired; and its solid bluestone base and walls stabilized.


People driving past can appreciate the effort that’s gone into restoring this iconic feature. It is hoped these works will help ensure this solitary sentinel will remain for many years to come.

The boatshed is entered in Tasmanian Heritage Register, as part of the history Kelvedon property that was established in 1829.


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