Archaeology Week comes to Dominic College

Archaeologist Sam Dix engaging with Dominic College students.

Dominic College recently hosted an Archaeology Fair as part of National Archaeology Week.

The initiative was made possible through the enthusiastic support of Principal Beth Gilligan and Dominic staff. Guest presenters included heritage professionals, recent graduates and current students from the University of New England, Australian National University and Griffith University.

Students from Years 6 and 7 participated in a full day of activities related to historical enquiry. Workshops ranged from examining Roman artefacts, baking Viking bread, an immersive tour of colonial Hobart using virtual reality, through to studies in Osteoarchaeology and Indigenous Rock Art of the Northern Territory.

A photo gallery can be seen on the Dominic College website

This was one of 50 events held across Australia as part of National Archaeology Week.  There was strong student engagement and it is hoped that the day may inspire the next generation of Tasmanian historians and archaeologists. 


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