Annual Report Released

The Tasmanian Heritage Council's report on its activities for the 2019-20 financial year reflects on an increase in the number of works decisions compared with previous years, along with the entry in the Tasmanian Heritage Register of new and revised entries.

  Tasmanian Heritage Council Annual Report 2019-2020   (3Mb)

Three new places were entered in the Register, including Bob Brown's former property Oura Oura and two early and important mining sites. The Tasmania Gold Mine site and Beaconsfield Mine and Heritage Centre was also entered on a provisional basis.

Revised entries for many of the State's most important sites including Moorilla Estate/MONA, Duck Reach Power Station, Cataract Gorge and Hobart's Treasury Complex were also progressed.

The Heritage Council also reflected on the information held in the Tasmanian Heritage Register, developing a five-year plan to evolve the Register as an accurate, reliable and current record of Tasmania’s places of historic heritage significance.

A total of 760 development applications and certificates of exemptions were determined, with 99 per cent approved.




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