Building on 21 Years

The Tasmanian Heritage Council's 2017-2018 Annual Report marks a year of activity which builds upon the 21 years of identifying and protecting Tasmania's historic cultural heritage places.


The Mount Cameron Water Race was the lifeblood of mining and agricultural industry for more than a century

Bond Store Ready for Next Chapter

Strahan's Bond Store has been pulled back into shape by the Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) and is ready for its next reincarnation.

Stories of Shipwrecks

The Maritime Museum of Tasmania is hosting an exhibition that highlights stories from some of Australia's 11,000 shipwrecks.

Idle Men Build Bridge Still in Use Today

The convicts assigned to build a coastal road on the East Coast of Tasmania may have been thought to be idle, yet the Three Arch Bridge at Swanport has proven remarkably durable.

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