Tasmanian Heritage Register Notifications

The Tasmanian Heritage Council gives notice that it has provisionally registered new, and amended existing, entries in the Tasmanian Heritage Register, and gives notice of the intention to remove an entry from the Register.

Historic Cultural Heritage Amendment Bill 2019

The Minister for the Environment, Parks and Heritage tabled a Bill in the House of Assembly on 30 July 2019 that will further integrate the historic heritage and planning legislation.

Science Heritage

The organisers of a Science Heritage Symposium held in Hobart last year are exploring how many science heritage places are recognised in Tasmania and Australia more broadly.

Heritage Hub Open During the Heritage and Bullocks Festival

A main street shop derelict for more than 30 years has opened as a ‘Heritage Hub’, and you can experience all it has to offer during the Oatlands Heritage and Bullock Festival.

Thoughtful Transition Wins Heritage Award

The thoughtful transition between the old spaces of a Federation home into its contemporary steel addition has been awarded multiple honours at this year's Tasmanian Architecture Awards.

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