Revival in Kempton

Southern Midlands Council is known for its Georgian streetscapes and the economic value being generated through protecting, using and celebrating historic heritage places.

Marjorie Bligh exhibition at QVMAG

Tasmania's own domestic goddess, the late Marjorie Bligh, will be the subject of an upcoming exhibition at the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery (QVMAG) in Launceston.

Bringing St Mary's Slaughter House Back to Life

A small, rare part of Tasmania's bush heritage is being reconstructed thanks to an owner interested in history and heritage tourism.

SteamFest 2019

Sheffield’s annual SteamFest is celebrating 25 years this March and one day is not long enough to take it all in.

Celebrating Chauncy Vale

Chauncy Vale Wildlife Sanctuary is one of a handful of entries in the Tasmanian Heritage Register that celebrate Tasmania's literary sector and the influence of Tasmania's landscape on our author's and writers.

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