Conserving an East Coast Icon

Many travellers along the Great Eastern Drive, have witnessed the reconstruction of a much loved and photographed boatshed just South of Swansea.

Tasmanian Heritage Register Notification

The Heritage Council has updated the Cornelian Bay Boatsheds and Slipway Tasmanian Heritage Register Entry

Cornelian Bay Boatsheds Entry Updated

A provisional replacement entry for the Cornelian Bay Boatsheds in the Tasmanian Heritage Register replaces and substantially updates the 1998 entries.

Tasmanian Heritage Register Notifications

The Tasmanian Heritage Council gives notice that it has permanently registered new, and amended existing, entries in the Tasmanian Heritage Register.

Treasury Complex's Heritage Values Recognised

The Tasmanian Heritage Council has initiated a process to better define the historic cultural heritage values of Hobart’s iconic Treasury Complex.

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