Tasmanian Heritage Register Notifications

The Tasmanian Heritage Council gives notice that it has permanently registered new, and amended existing, entries in the Tasmanian Heritage Register.

Treasury Complex's Heritage Values Recognised

The Tasmanian Heritage Council has initiated a process to better define the historic cultural heritage values of Hobart’s iconic Treasury Complex.

A Beauty Not Surpassed

In 1804 William Collins led a party of Europeans by boat into the South Esk. His written account of ‘the beauty of the scene … probably not surpassed in the world’, is the earliest known record of European activity at the Cataract Gorge.

Annual Report Released

The Tasmanian Heritage Council's Annual Report now available online.

Oura Oura Permanently Registered

This simple weatherboard house perched beneath Drys Bluff has been permanently entered in the Tasmanian Heritage Register.

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