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​​This page contains links to a number of documents and useful resources that are likely to be of assistance to those in local or state government responsible for the statutory management of historic heritage places and precincts.

If you know of other resources that might be useful to include please let us know. We're particularly interested in showcasing real life examples of good or best practice.

Don't forget to also check out the wide range of resources available on this site and at www.environment.gov.au and let us know what resources you would find useful but aren't yet available.


Local Heritage Toolkit

The Local Heritage Toolkit comprises of five documents which aim to help local government manage their historic heritage places. The Toolkit is the result of the 2007 'Supporting Local Governments Project' by the Heritage Chairs and Officials of Australia and New Zealand (HCOANZ) and aims to provide assistance for local governments on a variety of heritage matters.

There are four documents (plus appendices) available online:

Making Good Local Heritage Decisions
Incentives for Heritage Protection Handbook
Protecting Local Heritage Places
Supporting Local Government Heritage Conservation
Supporting Local Government Heritage Conservation - Appendices


Local planning schemes

Regional Land Use Strategies were declared in 2011 by the Minister for Planning. Since then, Interim Planning Schemes have been under development across the State.

The government is currently introducing a single planning scheme for the state - the Tasmanian Planning Scheme. In February 2017 the Minister made the State Planning Provisions. Local councils are now working on Local Provision Schedules, which will be submitted to the Tasmanian Planning Comission for consideration prior to public exhibition and assessment.

More information on these projects can be found on the Tasmanian Planning Commission website.

That site also contains a link to a planning portal which local government can get access to for more information.


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