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HELP forum 2015

The third annual HELP forum was held in October  at the historic Oatlands Supreme Court House thanks to our friends at the Centre for Heritage.  We had attendees from all of the three planning regions which provided for some great discussion.

The forum included a presentation from Southern Midlands Council Heritage Officer, Brad Williams, on the Centre for Heritage at Oatlands, including their initiative, the 5 x 5 x 5 project, which aims to build the capacity of youth to undertake heritage conservation, restoration and maintenance projects on community heritage assets.

Heritage consultant John Wadsley gave a presentation on Tasmania's gave an overview presentation on the context and history of Tasmania's war memorials, and the importance of conserving them. More information can be found in the Heritage Council's new publication, 'Guide to Preserving Tasmania's War Heritage'.

Danielle Grey, Tasmanian Heritage Council member and planner at Kingborough Council, gave an overview of the Heritage Council and its roles, functions and members. There was also opportunity for an open discussion on the Review of the Integrity of the Register Project and the development of the new local historic heritage code for planning schemes.

The group also had a chance to visit some of Oatlands significant heritage buildings, led by Brad Williams who explained the role the council plays in their conservation.


HELP forum 2014

The 2014 HELP forum was held on Tuesday 16 September in Launceston, at the Tailrace Centre. Around 20 planners and heritage personnel from local councils around Tasmania took part and discussed heritage and planning issues with their colleagues.

The group heard from Hobart City Council's cultural heritage officer, Sarah Waight, who delivered a fascinating talk entitled "Bricks and mortar, Local government's role in understanding, conserving and promoting heritage fabric." This gave insight into the history of brick-making in Tasmania. Sarah also explained the ways in which planners can be on the lookout for proposals that might impact on brick fabric, and how permit conditions can help to protect fabric.

The group heard a valuable update from Launceston City Council's heritage officer Fiona Ranson, who discussed some of her council's experiences with the interim planning scheme process. Consultant James Puustinen (Austral Tasmania) provided background to the Heritage Council's new draft guidelines on the aesthetics criterion, and there was a chance to review and discuss recent changes to the Historic Cultural Heritage Act 1995. This was also an opportunity for local officers to provide their feedback on how this process is functioning.

John Stephenson (Heritage Tasmania) launched the new LIST layer, which makes the places on the Tasmanian Heritage Register available via GIS data. It is hoped this tool will assist local councils in locating places on the register more efficiently, and will make day-to-day work a little easier.

HELP forum 2013

The inaugural HELP (Heritage: Everything for Local Planning) forum was held on 19 September 2013 at the Grange in Campbell Town. The free event was the first in a series of planned annual events open to local government planners and heritage personnel.

The 2013 forum agenda included speakers from Heritage Tasmania on heritage significance and heritage surveys, Anne McConnell (Wellington Park Management Trust and consultant) offered a consultant's perspective on heritage surveys, John Wadsley (Australia ICOMOS) introduced the Burra Charter, and representatives from each of the three regions discussed the development of Heritage Codes in Interim Planning Schemes.

The PowerPoint presentations from the day are now available to download.

What is significance?  – Ian Boersma (Heritage Tasmania). This contains an overview of the meaning of heritage significance and some examples and case studies to illustrate what is meant by particular values.

  Tasmania’s Macquarie heritage   (3Mb)

Heritage Surveys  – Ester Guerzoni (Heritage Tasmania). This provides advice about how to organise a municipal heritage survey; why to undertake one, how to go about it, and who to involve.

  Heritage Surveys   (244Kb)

Heritage Surveys - some practitioner comments  – Anne McConnell (consultant). This was an addendum to the above presentation and provided an overview of key factors that should be considered in completing a heritage survey, particularly from a practitioner’s perspective.

  Kingborough Heritage Review Briefing to the KCCF Anne McConnell 19/5/2007   (3Mb)

ICOMOS Presentation  – John Wadsley (Australia ICOMOS). This presentation explains 'what is ICOMOS?' and gives a background to the Burra Charter, its processes and current review.

  Taking on a Heritage Project   (1Mb)

Project Presentation ​ – Fiona Ranson (Launceston City Council). This presentation explains how Launceston City Council researched and developed their first draft heritage precinct under the Interim Launceston Planning Scheme 2012. The work contained in this presentation is of a draft nature. It is a sample of work completed to inform draft planning provisions for a 'pilot' precinct and is provided for information only. Please feel free to contact Fiona on 6323 3370 if you require further information in regard to this work.

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