What is the Tasmanian Heritage Register

​​​The Tasmanian Heritage Register was created in 1997 following the proclamation of the Historic Cultural Heritage Act 1995. It is an inventory of those places that have been assessed against eight criteria outlined in the Act and identified as being important to Tasmania, and Tasmanians, because of their connections to the State's history, culture and society. These places are linked to the cultural fabric that is so important to our local communities, our State's identity and our tourism industry. Each place has the potential to offer unique and special insights into Tasmania’s rich and colourful history, and countless stories. 

Places entered on the Register are protected through the Act to ensure that future changes to the place complement its significant aspects. This does not mean that development can't occur, in fact development and conservation can often work hand in hand, and can be crucial to support the use and appreciation of Tasmania's wonderful heritage.


Pelion Copper Mine Hut (entry #5616)​

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