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​​​​Below are a number of pathways for identifying if a place is registered on the (state) Tasmanian Heritage Register. If the place does not appear on this state register, please also check with the relevant local council as the place may be heritage protected under the local government planning scheme.


Search using the LIST (Land Information System Tasmania)

The LIST (Land Information System Tasmania) is a whole-of-government mapping system that helps you find and use information about land and property in Tasmania.  The boundaries of all places permanently and provisionally entered on the Tasmanian Heritage Register are displayed as an interactive layer in this system.

To access the LIST click h​ere.​

Details about each Register entry will be displayed when a boundary (blue shape) is clicked on.  Further information about using this layer to search for a listed property and download datasheets or boundary plans, can be fou​nd here.

Request a Certificate for Affected Place

For those who would like an official record of whether a place is or isn’t on the Heritage Register, the Tasmanian Heritage Council can issue a Certificate for Affected Place. This option is commonly used by lawyers during legal processes such as conveyancing. There is a fee involved in obtaining a Certificate for Affected Place.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Search by Place Name or Address

 Tasmanian Heritage Register Entries - January 2024 (PDF 2Mb)​

This document provides a list of the permanent and provisional entries on the Tasmanian Heritage Register by name and address.

 To complete a search: 
  • press the Ctrl button and the F button on your keyboard (hold them down together) 
  • type your required search in the field that appears and hit enter 
  • ​For best results keep your search simple. For example search ‘Davey’ instead of ’13-15 Davey Street’.

Contact Heritage Tasmania to confirm details

If you have searched but are still not sure if your place is registered, or you can’t see it on the list but think it probably should be there, then ring the staff at Heritage Tasmania. They’re happy to help​. Our contact details are at the bottom of the page.


Convict built Spiky Bridge in Swansea (entry #1567)
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