Removing an Entry from the Register

​​​​An entry can be removed from the Tasmania Heritage Register if it is deemed to no longer meet the criteria outlined in the Historic Cultural Heritage Act 1995.​​

If you would like to request that an entry be removed from the Register, you will need to submit a request to the Tasmanian Heritage Council. Please complete the application form and include the entry's location details, and the reasons why you believe it no longer meets the criteria set out in the Act. 

 Application to Enter Amend or Remove an Entry (PDF 231Kb)​

​You may also like to review the Assessing Historic Heritage Guidelines, which provide more details on how historic heritage significance is assessed.

  Assessing Historic Heritage Significance   (2Mb)

If the Heritage Council intends to remove a place from the Register, it begins the two-stage process outlined in the Act:

  1. The  first stage, known as 'intention to remove', gives all members of the Tasmanian community an opportunity to provide information and feedback on whether they think the place should be removed from the Register. Owners and Local Government are sent letters, and a public notice is placed in the local newspaper advising that the place is being considered for removal. There is a 30-day period for submissions and objections to be sent to the Heritage Council in support of, or against, removal.
  2. In the second stage, the Heritage Council considers any submissions and objections received. If the Heritage Council decides that the place should be removed from the Heritage Register, another round of notifications is issued.

Any person who made a submission or objection in the first stage, and who does not agree with the Heritage Council's final decision, may appeal to the Tasmanian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

This process is set out in sections 22-26 of the Act​.

Princes Square Fountain (entry #4499)
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