Legacy Locations Pilot Project

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The Tasmanian Heritage Register is an important statutory tool and repository of the history and stories of the people, places and events that have shaped Tasmania from European occupation to the current day. It recognises and celebrates those places that are valued by our community and visitors to our island State, and provides a mechanism to ensure their heritage values are protected.

Strengthening the Heritage Register is an objective that the Heritage Council is committed to progressing. We have conducted a number of reviews of the Register since 2011 and we now have a clearer understanding of the tasks required to realise our vision of developing the Register as an accurate, reliable and current record of Tasmania‚Äôs places of historic heritage significance.

Some of the issues are complex, and the statutory processes and timeframes that must be adhered to means there is no quick fix. We will be consulting openly with property owners and key stakeholders on the issues. While this work is progressing, the validity of the Heritage Register entries is assured through a provision in the Historic Cultural Heritage Act 1995 that gives legal certainty to the entries entered in the Heritage Register prior to March 2014.

Our aims and goals for improvement are outlined in A Plan to Evolve the Tasmanian Heritage Register. This plan documents the pathways that will guide and prioritise our collective efforts over the next five year.

The Legacy Locations Pilot Project is a key action of our Plan.


Legacy Locations Pilot Project

The Legacy Locations Pilot Project continues our pathway to improving the accuracy of location and boundary details of entries in the Heritage Register. The project will focus on 172 Heritage Register entries across four local government areas:

  • Glenorchy City Council
  • George Town Council
  • Kentish Council
  • West Coast Council.

Where required, Heritage Register entries will be amended and updated to reflect changes in land title information, correct past errors and provide clear boundaries for each entry. These amendments will clarify for owners and local council planners the extent and boundary of an entry. The project will also help us deliver on our goal of a historic heritage boundary layer in Tasmania's Land Information System (LIST), making the Heritage Register data more accessible to the public. The development of a notification system for changes to place location details in the LIST will also ensure Register entries can be amended in a timely manner to maintain currency.

Heritage Tasmania is completing the work on behalf of the Heritage Council, and are available to assist property owners, local councils and community with any queries.

The pilot project is expected to be completed during October 2020. Following a review of the project outcomes and processes, the Heritage Council will address any issues before progressively rolling out the project across other local government areas.

Property owners and other interested parties are encouraged to contact Heritage Tasmania with any queries or concerns:

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