Amending an entry

​​​​​​​​​​Amending or updating an entry in the Heritage Register​​

The Historic Cultural Heritage Act 1995 (s94)(1) allows for Heritage Register entries to be amended to:

(a) to update the entry;
(b) to correct an error in or relating to the entry;
(c) to give effect to any decision of the Appeal Tribunal under Part 4;
(d) to reflect physical events or legal or planning changes relating to the entry; 
(e) to accommodate changes in the form of the Heritage Register; or
(f) for any other reasonable cause.

​The Heritage Council updates and amends Heritage Register entries to reflect changes to the address or land title/s, to correct errors, to update the entry boundary or information in the entry's datasheet, or to reflect changes from physical events such as a fire.

​Owners are notified of amendments to entries, except where they are minor or technical. 

Making an application to update or amend an entry

Any person may apply to the Heritage Council to amend an entry in the Register by filling out the application form.​

 Application to Enter, Amend or Remove Tasmanian Heritage Register places (PDF 307Kb)

Please provide as much information as you can to support your application.

Please note that to manage workloads the Heritage Council sets an annual work program. Your application may be prioritised for a future work program.​​

Receiving a notification regarding an amendment

You don't need to do anything further with regards to a notification of an amendment.

Your notification most likely related to an amendment undertaken to ensure that the Register information was current, accurate and that the entry had a clearly defined boundary.

​You can download the datasheet and boundary plan for your property's Register entry through the Online Register on the Land Information System Tasmania (LIST) website. Link and instructions are available at Search the Tasmanian Heritage Register | Heritage Tasmania.  ​

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