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​​​​​​Nominating a place ​

The Tasmanian Heritage Council welcomes nominations for new places to the Tasmanian Heritage Register. Any person may nominate a place for inclusion in the Register by filling out the application form:

  Application to Enter, Amend or Removal a Place or Places in the Tasmanian Heritage Register   (300​Kb)​

Provide as much information and preliminary historical research of your own with your nomination. This may assist in speeding up the assessment process. 

Please note, however, that to manage workloads the Heritage Council sets a work program for each financial year. The work program prioritises those nominations which are of greatest significance to the State and those places which will assist in ensuring the Register includes a good cross-section of places that represent all of Tasmania's historic themes.

Once a property is nominated it will be assessed against the criteria outlined in the Act. The Heritage Council will consider whether a place meets the requisite criteria, in line with its Assessing Historic Heritage Significance Guidelines (currently under review), and the Burra Charter.

  Assessing Historic Heritage Significance   (2Mb)

Criteria for entry

For a place to be entered in the Register, it must meet at least one of the following criteria set out in the Historic Cultural Heritage Act 1995

(a) the place is important to the course or pattern of Tasmania's history

(b) the place possesses uncommon or rare aspects of Tasmania's history

(c) the place has the potential to yield information that will contribute to an understanding of Tasmania's history

(d) the place is important in demonstrating the principal characteristics of a class of place in Tasmania's history

(e) the place is important in demonstrating a high degree of creative or technical achievement

(f) the place has a strong or special association with a particular community or cultural group for social or spiritual reasons

(g) the place has a special association with the life or works of a person, or group of persons, of importance in Tasmania's history

(h) the place is important in exhibiting particular aesthetic characteristics.

Assessment and consultation

Each nomination received will be assessed against each of the eight criteria set out in the Act. This process includes reviewing historical information, texts, maps and photographs.

If the Heritage Council is of the view that the place does meet one or more of the critiera, it begins the two-staged registration process outlined in the Act:

  1. The  first stage, known as provisional registration, gives the owner, Local Government, and all members of the Tasmanian community an opportunity to provide information and feedback on whether they think the place should be permanently entered on the Register. The owners and Local Government are sent letters to seek feedback, and a public notice is placed in the local newspaper advising. There is a 60-day period for submissions and objections to be sent to the Heritage Council for or against the permanent entry .
  2. In a second stage, the Heritage Council considers any submissions and objections received. If the Heritage Council decides that the place should be entered on the Heritage Register, the place is said to be permanently registered and another round of notifications is issued.

Any person who made a submission or an objection, and does not agree with the Heritage Council's final decision, can appeal that decision to the Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal.

You can find the entire process stepped out in more detail in sections 18-21 of the Historic Cultural Heritage Act 1995.

Lake Margaret Power Scheme Turbine (entry #10863)​



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