Heritage Listed Places

​​​​​​​​​Tasmania has some of Australia's oldest and best preserved heritage places and precincts. From convict probation stations, rustic workers cottages and grand stately homes, through to modern architecture, and industrial and archaeological sites. The Tasmanian Heritage Register contains a range of examples of many different types of heritage. 

Well-known examples include the Cataract Gorge, Port Arthur and Salamanca Place, though there are many more examples of a smaller scale. These can be privately owned and operated yet still make a big contribution. Tasmanians have a lot to be proud of.​

This​ legacy of previous generations and their stories are of interest and appeal to Tasmanians and to visitors to our State. It is a strong economic driver in Tasmania, boosting tourism and other industries. 



THR#10878, Former Swanston Street Free Kindergarten