Tasmania's World Heritage Convict Sites

​​​​​​​Your Guide to Tasmania's World Heritage Sites

For an overview of the convict story and the sites, read the Your Guide to Tasmania's World Heritage Sites brochure.

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​​​​What are Tasmania's World Heritage Sites?

​​​​​​​​​​Australia's Convict World Heritage Property is made up of twelve individual sites, five of which are in Tasmania. Each of these five sites add to the story of Australia’s harsh convict past. These evocative and intriguing sites are great destinations for a day out in Tasmania.                          

Brickendon-Woolmers Estates near Longford
Both these estates were private farms that utilised assigned convicts. Both male and female convicts were used on the estates, largely in agricultural jobs, and contributed to the development of Tasmania's pastoral industry. Visit the Brickendo​n Estate and Woolmers Estate websites for more information.

Brickendon timber barn

​​Cascades Female Factory in South Hobart 
Cascades female factory was a self-contained, purpose-built institution intended to reform female convicts. Inmates did laundry and needlework services, which offset some of the colony's penal costs. Visit the Cascades Female Factory website for more information.


Modern stone wall at the Cascades Female Factory World Heritage site
copyright: Tourism Tasmania and Rob Burnett

​​Coal Mines Historic Site on the Tasman Peninsula 
This was a severe place of punishment. It held up to 500 convicts. Visit the Coal Mines Historic Site for more information.

Convict Coal Mine Site
copyright: David Roe


Port Arthur Historic Site on the Tasman Peninsula 
One of Tasmania's most recognisable convict sites. Port Arthur was a penal station for secondary offenders until 1877, after which it was developed into a major industrial complex. For more information visit the Port Arthur website for more information.

Port Arthur aerial photograph

​​​Darlington Probation Station on Maria Island 
Located on Tasmania's East Coast Darlington Probation Station is one of just 16 surviving sites dating back as far as the 1820s.​ For more information visit the Darlington Probation Station for more information.
Darlington World Heritage Convict site
copyright: Tourism Tasmania and Rob Burnett

​Further information

The following other six Convict World Heritage Properties are not located in Tasmania:
  • in New South Wales - the Old Government House and Domain, Hyde Park Barracks, the Great North Road and the Cockatoo Island Convict Site;
  • in Western Australia - the Fremantle Gaol; and
  • on Norfolk Island - the Kingston and Arthur's Vale Historic Area.
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