​Summary (provided by consultant)

​Name: Paul Suidgeest, Urban Forest Consultancy Pty Ltd

Address: PO Box 464, Latrobe TAS 7307

Phone: 6427 3502

Mobile: 0499 818 869



​Urban Forestry Consultancy offer the unique combination of environmental, ecological and arboreal consulting services. UFC consultants have experience in conducting tree risk assessments, identifying and managing mature age and veteran trees. Along with providing advice for, and the setting of, tree protection zones, tree health, and pest management solutions and programs, we also have a large network of external technical consultants which can compliment our internal skills base to ensure that our clients receive the highest level of technical advice. UFC is small enough that our consultants can offer our clients a personal level of service.

Operates: State wide

Name:  Mr Frank Rosol, Australian Tree Care - TAS

Address: 54 Thistle Street, South Launceston TAS 7249 

Mobile:  0411 246 098

Fax: 6343 1111


​Australian Tree Care - TAS provides the full range of tree care services: risk management assessments, tree reports, elm beetle control, pruning, shaping, bracing and removals.

Operates: North

Name:  Mr Alister Hodgman, Element Tree Services

Address: 5A Gellibrand Lane, Opossum Bay TAS 7023 

Mobile:  0417 144 192


​Element Tree Care is a local company focusing on providing expert solutions for trees in the heritage setting. We are able to quantify tree risk, assist in the retention of mature trees and help plan for renewal of the landscape. Our services also include the management of Elm Leaf Beetle to reduce the impact on the environment.

Operates: State wide

Name:  Mr Philip Jackson, Arborist and Environmental Consulting

Address:  5 Bakers Creek Road, Lucaston TAS 7109

Mobile:  0447 759 865


​Phil Jackson provides expert impartial advice covering all aspects of arboricultural matters. He is qualified in arboriculture, amenity horticulture, both and plant ecology and extensive local government and private enterprise experience. Services include tree hazard assessment, pre-development appraisal, development impact assessment, designated site arborist duties, tree management plans, master plans.

Operates: State wide

Name:  Mr Jerry Romanski

Address:  PO Box 540, Hobart TAS 7001

Mobile:  0419 363 011


​Jerry Romanski provides expert assessment of the condition and hazard potential of trees. We also offer advice about the most appropriate care methods for mature trees and assist in planning for their replacement.

Operates: State wide

Name:  Mr Craig Hallam, ENSPEC Pty Ltd

Phone:  (03) 9755 6799

Fax:  (03) 9755 6788



​ENSPEC is a privately owned and operated Australian company. We provide specialist services in all aspects of the arboriculture and environmental industry. Our primary focus is ensuring the preservation of our environment for future generations to admire and enjoy. ENSPEC owns and operates an extensive range of scientific measuring equipment. We pride ourselves on being the industry leaders in sonic tomography electric impendence testing to identify and measure the structural integrity of trees. ENSPEC also has an extensive range of RADAR equipment allowing for penetration of up to 10 metres in sandy soil and 5 metres in clay reactive soil. All scans are completed in 3D and to scale. ENSPEC uses Trimble GPS unites, Contour reflective lasers which provide us with the ability to locate and map our client's assets with an accuracy of up to 150mm.

Operates: State wide

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