​Owning a Heritage-Listed Property

  Residential Solutions   (3Mb)

  Heritage Solutions   (1Mb)

  Understanding Historic Heritage   (227Kb)

  Buying a Heritage Property   (226Kb)

  Insuring a Heritage Property   (225Kb)

  Selling a heritage property   (235Kb)


Research Guidelines

  Assessing Historic Heritage Significance   (2Mb)

  Pre-Development Assessment Guidelines: Proactively Managing Historic Heritage Places   (3Mb)

  Guidelines for Historical Archaeological Research   (506Kb)


Works Guidelines

  Works Guidelines Nov2015   (2Mb)

  NBN Exempt Work Guidelines   (128Kb)

Conservation Guidelines

  Managing Archaeological Significance in the Works Process   (391Kb)

  A Guide to Preserving War Memorials   (5Mb)

  Procedure for Recording a Heritage Place   (51Kb)

  Conserving Moveable Heritage   (94Kb)

  Conserving Historic Heritage Cemeteries   (383Kb)

  Managing Change of Use in Religious Properties   (88Kb)

  Conserving Stained Glass   (97Kb)

  Reconstructing Timber Bridges   (85Kb)

  Conserving Steam Locomotives   (83Kb)



Site Specific Guidelines

  Cascades Female Factory Development Guidelines   (106Kb)

  Cornelian Bay Boathouses Development Guidelines   (365Kb)

  Evandale-Launceston Water Scheme Development Guidelines   (124Kb)

  Lettes Bay Village Development Guidelines   (154Kb)

  Patons and Baldwins Development Guidelines   (470Kb)

  Regent Square and George Town Memorial Development Guidelines   (119Kb)

  Rocky Hills Probation Station and Road Station Development Guidelines   (112Kb)

  Saltwater River Probation Station Development Guidelines   (4Mb)

  St James Church and College Development Guidelines   (270Kb)

  Strathroy Bridge and Kerry Lodge Probation Station Development Guidelines   (166Kb)

  York Town Settlement Site Development Guidelines   (165Kb)


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