Port Arthur Shines

Staff at the World Heritage listed Port Arthur had much to be proud of at the opening of the site's upgraded and expanded visitor centre.

Following many months of continuing operations across the site while works were underway on the visitor centre, the revitalised facility demonstrates why Port Arthur has become a premier tourism destination in Tasmania.

Sweeping views from the 1830 restaurant

The newly designed spaces provide sweeping vistas – including from the new restaurant 1830 – which entice visitors to explore. Despite its expansion, the centre sits discreetly in the landscape, minimising the visual impact from within the site.

A contemporary new gallery allows visitors to delve deeper into the who, what and when of Port Arthur's fascinating and layered history. Amongst the many displays that will appeal to both children and adults is one intriguing cabinet that holds items that were “foolishly taken" from the site, along with letters of apologies. The irony of an ivory chess piece being returned by the descendant of “forebears who were transported to Australia in the 1970s" is hard to overlook.

If you haven't visited Port Arthur for a while, the upgraded centre and all its offerings are reason enough to reacquaint yourself with the site. Make sure to leave plenty of time to explore all the stories that unfold in the gallery.

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