New Building Act Brings Benefits

Tasmania's new Building Act includes reforms to make gaining building approval faster, fairer, simpler and cheaper.

The benefits for heritage properties include:

  • the ability to vary some Building Code provisions to protect heritage significance; and
  • concessions for historic buildings when upgrading or enlarging a building.

Owners, designers and builders are reminded that it is still necessary to obtain heritage approval under the Historic Cultural Heritage Act 1995 for works to heritage places entered on the Tasmanian Heritage Register, even when the works can be carried out without a Building Permit.

Consult our Works Guidelines and contact Heritage Tasmania if you are unsure whether you need approvals, or have any doubt that the correct approvals are not in place. Heritage Tasmania has a team of heritage advisors available to clarify the approval process and assist at the design stage.

We also recommend that owners consult their local council if their property is listed in the heritage code of the local planning scheme, or sits within a local heritage precinct.

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