New Appointment to the Heritage Council

Matthew Groom MP, Minister for Environment, Parks and Heritage, has confirmed the appointment of Ms Kathryn McCann as the new Tourism Industry Council of Tasmania's  (TICT) representative to the Tasmanian Heritage Council for a three year term.

This appointment is considered an excellent opportunity to enhance the Heritage Council's capacity to foster and expand the linkages and collaboration between the Tasmanian heritage sector and the tourism industry.  It is also expected to help the Heritage Council to implement its Strategic Plan (2015 - 2020), as it works to develop The Tasmanian Collection, create a brand framework for historic heritage and engage more actively with its key stakeholders and Tasmanian partners.

Ms McCann is a highly regarded professional, a strategic thinker and an action-orientated leader in the tourism industry.  She has worked in senior marketing roles with the Hobart International Airport, Tourism Tasmania and the Federal Group, as its Sales and Marketing Manager.  In these roles she has overseen the expansion of the Hobart Airport as a major entry point, led the development of the tourism brand and instigated Tourism Tasmania's 'Go Behind the Scenery' campaign.

Ms McCann was also recognised for her innovative and creative work in the tourism industry by being named the Minister's Young Achiever of the Year by the Tourism Industry Council in 2013.

It is expected that Ms McCann's appointment will assist the Heritage Council to reposition and chart a new direction that better links heritage protection and its sound statutory management, with its capacity to realize its full potential as a local asset, through sensitive development and adaptive reuse, as evidenced by the many examples of venues, dining and accommodation options that have taken up the opportunity to combine our visitor appeals in new and interesting ways.

The development of sites like Entally, Nant, Shene and Woolmers; unique accommodation options like the Henry Jones Art Hotel, Islington Hotel and Pump House Point; the Tasmanian Wilderness Railway; a walk around the Cataract Gorge, Low Head Pilot Station, Ross or Stanley; tours of Boags and Cascade Breweries; and the collections managed by the QVMAG and the TMAG, are just a few examples of key experiences that form an important part of the unique experience we offer.

This appointment is another sign of Tasmanian's capacity to work effectively across our traditional sectors, collaboratively and in a way that helps us to realise the potential of our heritage assets and our visitor economy.

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