National Trust Moves into New Launceston Office

The National Trust (Tasmania) is operating from a new head office in the St Johns Street Public Buildings in Launceston.

The new location will provide the Trust with more operating space while being physically closer to the many volunteer members and great supporters in the Launceston community.

It will also enable the Trust to continue to be an important community organisation which contributes to our State’s rich and diverse historic heritage which sets us apart from other tourism destinations.

The Tasmanian Government supported the Trust to move into the new offices and provides ongoing financial and logistical support to assist the sound operational management of the organisation, enabling it to deliver the Tasmanian Heritage Festival and the Community Heritage Program.

National Trust Managing Director, Matthew Smithies said the new location represents an exciting new stage in the life of the National Trust in Tasmania.

"Over the past six months, the National Trust has done a lot of work on developing innovative heritage management initiatives including a Heritage Tourism Framework and rolling out a revised Volunteer Management Plan to achieve national standards.

"The Launceston CBD provides an ideal environment from which to co-ordinate these major projects and other work of the Trust.

"The Board of the National Trust acknowledges and is deeply appreciative of the ongoing support provided by the Tasmanian Government and looks forward to working collaboratively with all stakeholders to ensure our heritage remains accessible and relevant.”

The Trust previously operated out of small rooms at Franklin House.

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