A Year of Change and Results

The 2015-16 financial year has seen a change in direction and vision for the Tasmanian Heritage Council to one of helping to bring Tasmania’s historic cultural heritage to life.

"The past 12 months has been a time for fresh thinking, goal-setting and action.  In May 2015 we adopted a focused Strategic Plan.  It has helped us chart a new direction for the work the Heritage Council does on behalf of the people of Tasmania,’ said Ms Brett Torossi, Chair.

"The Heritage Council is very conscious of the interest Tasmanians have in our heritage and its appeal to visitors. We are also conscious that we need do more to reveal the amazing stories embedded in the fabric of our historic cultural heritage and leverage the opportunities it presents to contribute to our visitor economy.

"That is why we have initiated The Tasmanian Collection and Living Register projects.  These two projects are designed to enable locals and visitors to better access and be able to delve into the rich, diverse and unique cultural collections Tasmania’s various institutions and museums hold, and enable people to access and use the wealth of information, stories and records they contain. The Tasmanian Collection is a collaborative project with our friends at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.

"In 2015-16 the Heritage Council approved $229 million in development. It also achieved a 99 per cent approval rate on development and exemption applications.  This reflects the value of our pre-lodgement contact with owners and site managers and the proactive way we engage with heritage property owners to help them protect heritage values and facilitate sensitive development.

"In February 2016 Minister Groom helped us launch our revised Works Guidelines.  These have proven to be an invaluable resource for all heritage property owners.  They provide useful guidelines on how to best facilitate works on historic heritage places, while protecting their heritage values.

"Continuing the review of over 1 700 entries on the Tasmanian Heritage Register was a major focus for the year.  Of these, the Heritage Council resolved to retain over 179 entries on the Heritage Register, undertake further research on a number of other entries, and 590 entries were subject to the intention to remove process; with owner and public consultation being used to help determine if these entries should remain on the Register.

"This reflects a long-term goal of ensuring the Heritage Register only contains places that meet the criteria for entry; entries held are updated; and gaps are filled, to build confidence that it is an accurate, comprehensive and credible record of our most important historic heritage places.

"Tasmania is unique.  It is a beautiful island State of natural and historic landscapes. The Heritage Council is proud of the work it does in collaboration with Heritage Tasmania and Tasmania’s local planning authorities.  We are grateful for the efforts of all the property owners, developers, individuals and groups that care for one of our core appeals - our historic environment."

To read more of the Heritage Council's achievements in 2015-2016, read its Annual Report.

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